• Insoles "BA-KA"

   Base on the operating principle of the insoles "BA-KA", insoles "BA-KA" stimulate and activate the deep natural healing mechanisms, exerting a subtle influence on the organism and human energy system.

Insoles "BA-KA" are a unique and effective means for both men and women improving:

- efficiency and

- overall tone.

In addition, insoles "BA-KA" are effective for:

- Correction and restoration of bioenergy rhythms;

- Strengthening of the immune system;

- Overall activation of blood circulation;

- Improvement of lymphatic flow;

- Relieving tension from muscles of the legs;

- Increase of sexual activity;

- Treatment of sexual dysfunction (due to circulatory disorders);

- Stimulation of the adrenal glands;

- Treatment of pain and swelling in herniated discs (together with copper patches);

- Treatment of pain and removal of deposits in osteochondrosis;

- Normalization of blood pressure;

Insoles "BA-KA" are indispensable for the prevention and treatment of:

- Foot diseases,

- Diseases of the genitourinary system,

-  Spinal problems due to injuries, strain or circulatory disorders, as well as a means to normalize blood pressure.

This type of insoles is recommended for preventing and relieving:

- Osteochondrosis;

- Pinched nerves;

- Intervertebral hernia;

- Arthritis, polyarthritis and arthrosis;

- Problems associated with varicose veins;

-  Prostatitis;

- Sexual dysfunctions;

- Ovarian dysfunction;

- Poor circulation;

- Fatigue and low energy;

-  Unstable arterial and intracranial pressure (ICP).

- Insoles "BA-KA" are intended for everyday use by both men and women.
- The insoles can be used day and night without restrictions
- The insoles should be worn tightly fit to the soles of the feet, the side with the holes pointing upward. Insoles "BA-KA" can be put in any type of comfortable shoes.
- The insoles can also be worn at night in cotton or woolen socks. The use of the insoles has no time limit.
- Insoles "BA-KA" are an effective means to counteract the negative effects of daily solar and magnetic storms on the condition of the blood and vascular system.
- For a deep healing effect, insoles "BA-KA" should be worn all the time, based on the principle "the more, the better".
- The insoles are non-washable

- Use of the insoles is not recommended in serious forms of epilepsy
- The use of insoles with copper and zinc inserts is not recommended in serious forms of thrombophlebitis.

Insoles for wellness ТУ 8672-001-54228417-2005
Manufacturer: ООО «MITSUFI» 195252 St. Petersburg,
ul. Karpinskogo 36/7, office 58.
Warranty: 3 months
All rights to manufacture the insoles "BA-KA" as well as the "Wands of Horus" are protected by patents of the Russian Federation.

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Insoles "BA-KA"

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