• Pyramid Heritage of the gods

This complex includes pyramids, stelae, tombstones, pyramid-shaped hills and peaks. All components of the complex are built on selected hills, involving strong geological faults. There are 64 hills selected. The distance between the pyramids in the complex is 5,000 km. Tombstones, (similar to the chambers of a pyramid) act as resonators that amplify the flow of energy, placed directly on faults, the holes of the tomb facing an object in far, together, in the combination, forming an energy transmission circuit. The pyramids are all built with one side facing north.

The pyramids appearing on Earth have a number of different purposes. Some pyramids act as antennas to contact Neferu bases on and outside the Earth, while others are built to improve the energy of their habitats. Earth, the evolution of consciousness, supernatural powers and cancer prevention in people in direct contact with the Neferu people. ”

"Pyramids - embodying the energy of natural rhythms - have" magical "attributes. Their stone structure becomes an amplifier of vital energy streams, opening up people with incredible abilities and even super powers.

The pyramid, also an antenna and resonator, also acts as a repeater for certain energy streams, related to the processes taking place in the energy system of the Earth and the Universe. .

The key factor is that the pyramid enhances the energy flow in the frequency range that the human energy system can receive and convert. In other words, the pyramid amplifies what people need. ”

Not only stopping at the pyramid story, this book of "discoveries" will take you through many interesting journeys back in time, beyond the space of the Earth, into the Solar System and the Universe. , became a witness to the great events that happened to Earth and mankind thousands of years ago.

You will learn about the asteroid's horrific impact 13,669 years ago that the Earth was knocked out of its orbit, away from the Sun and life on the planet was seriously threatened; how the Moon was sent to Earth to balance the Earth in a new orbit; and the existence of fraternal planets in the Solar System, which is "symmetric Earth" ...

With extensive scientific knowledge in many fields, from astronomy, archeology, medicine, mathematics ..., Russian scientist Valery Uvarov leads readers to many great discoveries, and according to him “After reading this book, you will change. Your perception will never be the same again. ”

Do you believe that the knowledge and secrets this book reveals can change your view and attitude about the world and people? Are you ready to take it a step further than what is possible? Open your mind to the great discoveries that follow the pages of the Great Pyramid - The Heritage of the Gods.

VMC would like to thank Russian scientist Valery Uvarov for the wonderful knowledge he shared and the warm feelings he had for Vietnamese readers. Sincerely thank you for giving the right to translate the book to VMC Center. All royalties from this book will be used for VMC Center's Vietnam Pyramid Complex construction project (http://galaxy.vmcvietnam.org).

The VMC Center also would like to sincerely thank the volunteer team for contributing to bringing the book to Vietnamese readers in the shortest time. This is one of the steps to quickly realize the Pyramid construction project in Vietnam.

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Pyramid Heritage of the gods

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