• Copper pyramid facing the pitcher

The copper pyramid facing the 32cm water bottle helps purify the water, making the water more peaceful so that the drinker can absorb greater positive energy than normal drinking water without a pyramid cap.

Application pyramid at home drinking water ups

Here are a few other pyramid effects you should know about:

1. Leaving a pyramid on your desk at work can help eliminate old energy and improve the work environment.

2. Meditation under the pyramid can help each individual reach a state of knowledge and help self-healing.

3. Placing drinks and food under a pyramid will ensure they last longer and retain better taste.

4. Putting the medicine under the pyramid will help the medicine increase its effectiveness

5. Water stored in the pyramid is energized and, when taken orally, relieves dermatological diseases.

6. Place the pyramid over the wounds to expedite the healing process.

7. Building a house in the shape of a pyramid can increase the life of people living in the house.

8. Sleeping under the Pyramid helps to reduce aging.

9. Place a copper pyramid in the corner to eliminate fatigue

10. You can get positive results in a few days if you write a wish on a piece of paper and place it under a pyramid.

11. Put the blade of the razor under the pyramid for 24 hours for reuse

12. Put the battery under the pyramid for 24 hours, the battery can be restored and reused

13. Your beauty will improve if you use water stored under the pyramid to wash your face daily

14. Put Pyramid on top like wearing a hat to cure headaches, migraines, hair loss, sinusitis, insomnia and early gray hair

15. Placing the pyramid on the sore of the body alleviates the pain, more effectively if drinking water energized by the pyramid.

16. Put toothpaste under the pyramid more than 3 days and use it to brush your teeth to reduce dental related illness.

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Copper pyramid facing the pitcher

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